MEN ON BOATS (Upcoming)

By Jaclyn Backhaus

Directed By | Kyle Best

Choreography | Madison Finney

Producer | Anastasia Beliakova

featuring | Augusta Fitzgerald, Sylvia Czubarow, Olivia Valek, Elly Ruth Silberstein, Madi Hall, Abby Gumpper, KAtie Balen, Isabel Machado, Quira Chanel, Ray Johnson

asst. direction | mara rothman

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Face Value

Eugene O’Neill Theater Center - CT

By Julia Mendez Garcia

Directed By | Kyle Best

featuring | Lo Williams, Ryann Woods, Keshawn mellon, hugo wehe


Eugene O’Neill Theater Center - CT

Book/Lyrics | Maguire Wilder

Composed/Performed by | Kyle Best, Elizabeth Bueti, Will Darling, Aidan Innarino, Natalie Thomas, Lo Williams

Directed By | Kyle Best

Children Who Killed Their Parents: Anonymous

Eugene O’Neill Theater Center - CT

Written By Maia Johngren

Directed By Kyle Best

Featuring | Wylie anderson, Nick Hanek, Anna Langlois, Elizabeth bueti

Eugene O’Neill is a Really Bad Boyfriend (And Your Father and I think you shold see other People)

Written by | Tyler Hayes Mcmahon

Directed by | Kyle Best

Featuring | Aidan Innarino, Elizabeth Bueti, Will Darling, Betty Galindo

Pig Farm (2018)

St. Pauls Theater - Brooklyn, NY

Written By | Greg Kotis

Directed By Kyle Best

Cast | Gavin Cranmer, Marlina Devery, Chris BrineY, Ryan O’dell

Produced by | Stand Up productions

Set & Props | Tom Whipple

Lighting | Patrick Moriarty

Sound | Mike Ekelburg

Costumes | Sophie Straytner

Photos | Connor morgan & henry flego


By Julia Garcia

Directed By | Kyle Best

Improv Show (2017) 

Patio Playhouse - San Diego, CA

Directed BY | Kyle Best


Improvisers | Sarah Demarco, Kyle Best, Dylan Knapp, Anthony Escobedo and Christian Winter

Every week, local musicians and artists were invited to share the stage with a long form improv team. What begins as a typical improv show quickly turns into a collaboration spanning across mediums between actors, musicians and painters to give you the most hilarious and fascinating one of a kind performance.


Workshop Night (2017)

Center for the Arts - Escondido, CA

Directed & Produced By | Kyle Best

Sound/Lighting | Amara Young

Scenic | Gabriella Mammia

Workshop Night is a performance series filled with music, dance, and best of all, plenty of furniture to make you feel right at home. In a night devoted to premiering original work, you'll get to see local artists share what they've been working on lately.